Spotify Premium Mod Apk Download (100% Working Without Any Bugs)

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Download (100% Working Without Any Bugs)

When it comes to music streaming and Spotify’s name does not happen, it cannot happen. As far as India is concerned, there is already a music app like, Geo Savan, and Hungama. In this way, Spotify’s direct competition in India will be with the Indian music app. The song app is already very popular in India, so it will be interesting to see if Spotify Premium Mod Apk is able to compete with the song or else, first of all, know about this app.

Do you like music but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy your favorite songs? We have good news. This article is for you, This article will give you more control over how you listen to your music, introducing you to more ways to discover new songs and music styles without paying $ 10 a month.

In this Spotify Mod Apk, users will have access to unlimited playlists and unlimited songs and unlimited hours of music. You will be able to listen to the songs in any order, without restrictions of reproduction, and jump from one to another as many times as you want.

This means that you will no longer be restricted to just playing songs that appear in default order or a shuffle mode. Now, you can choose specific songs you want to listen to, as long as they are in the playlists that are available on-demand.

Spotify has also customized the overall mobile app experience within this Apk. When you first sign up, the home screen allows you to browse over 35 million songs, find playlists for different moods and activities, and also create your playlists.

The company is also trying to help users save connection data, with a new low-level mode for phone data. Supposedly, this feature helps reduce data consumption by up to 75 percent when streaming music on a 3G network. You can enable or disable this feature within the settings.

Those familiar with the app will also notice that the “Radio” tab no longer exists and was replaced by an assisted playlist feature, which provides contextual recommendations based on musical tastes. For example, if you need to create a list for a children’s birthday party, the feature will suggest recommendations based on the context of the situation – in this case, kid-friendly celebration songs.

The more songs you save in the application, the more suggestions you will find for your lists. There is also the option to search and listen to a song before adding it to your playlist.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Features

Since it is a world-famous app, its features make it different from the rest of the music app. In this, you get Premium services free of cost. Also,  Spotify premium mod apk 2020 is far better than 2019 apk. 2020 version of Spotify premium apk cracked does not have any bugs it’s completely safe. 

1. Sound quality

In Spotify, you get two types of sound quality. If you have taken a subscription by paying a few rupees, then this app will make you available songs of 320 Kbps quality. For the free user, the quality of songs will be available from 96 Kbps to 160 Kbps.

3. Song download

If you are a subscribed user then you get a chance to download songs that you can listen to without an internet connection. You also get to see this feature in the Gaana app, free users cannot download songs from the music app.

4. Song search option

Many times we like to listen to the songs of the old album but on its homepage, we only get to see the new songs. In such a situation, an advanced search option has been given to find the old song. With which you can search by artist, album, and song name.

5. Private listening

If you want this app not to track your heard songs, then you can go to On by going to the settings of Private Session of Spotify. After that, no one will be able to track you.

6. Offline listening

 In Spotify Premium mod, users will be able to only stream online music, but by downloading user’s songs in Spotify Premium, they will also be able to listen offline.

7. Showtime subscription

Users who sign up for Spotify Premium for Students plan get all the facilities mentioned above along with Showtime cable channel and streaming apps.

One month’s price of Spotify Premium is $ 9.99 but in this Spotify crack apk you will get these all facilities free of cost.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Download (100% Working Without Any Bugs)

Some Additional Information about this Mod Apk

MOD Features


  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  •  Visual ads blocked
  •  Audio ads blocked
  •  Seeking enabled
  •  Unlimited shuffle
  •  Choose any song
  •  Extreme audio unlocked
  •  Repeats enabled.
  •  Note: Some server-side features require a paid subscription.
  • Updated



Music & Audio


  4.0 and up



 Spotify Ltd.


 29.34 MB





This apk Spotify premium mod only requires a smartphone with the access of internet connection that’s it, and you are good to go.

At present times, most people like to listen to songs at the time of the party, travel, festival, etc. The survey showed that listening to your favorite songs relieves a person from stress. Today most people keep playlists of their favorite songs on their phones. So we got you informed about Spotify so that you get to hear more and more songs. With this app or website, you can listen to songs from all over the world in one place.

How to Download 

To Download apk Spotify premium free you just need to Click on the download button given below or you can just click on the link below.


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